Swoppster kid's active chair, blue polyester

Tuotekoodi: 120-BK-LM-HQ04

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Aeris Swoppster kid's active chair, blue polyester

The Aeris Swoppster is a remarkable children's chair that goes beyond mere furniture. It stands as a symbol of ergonomic excellence and intelligent design, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of preschool and primary school children. Universally recognised as more than just a seating option, this chair serves as a catalyst for exploration, creativity, and intellectual discovery. Its adjustable height feature ensures a perfect fit for children up to 160 cm tall and weighing between 15-50 kg, providing a flexible seating solution that evolves with your child's growth. Through its adaptable construction, the Aeris Swoppster actively facilitates spinal mobility, fostering the development of robust spinal structures and muscles essential for cultivating a lifetime of healthy posture. These subtle movements transcend mere physical health, nurturing mental and emotional well-being, enhancing concentration, and fostering an enriching learning atmosphere. By engaging core muscles and promoting movement, the Swoppster triggers both physical and mental growth, establishing an environment where young minds can flourish. Moreover, the chair features an innovative, air-permeable cover that not only serves a practical purpose but is also effortlessly maintainable, making it a seamless addition to any learning space. Its versatility extends to its wheels, which can be easily interchanged with gliders, transforming it into a stationary chair for focused work and play. With height adjustment ranging from 32-47.5 cm and a comfortable seat width of 35 cm, this chair offers adaptability and personalised seating, catering to diverse user sizes and preferences. Embracing rigorous testing and certification according to EN 1335 and GS/EN 1002 standards, the Aeris Swoppster guarantees the highest quality and durability. Accommodating a weight limit of 50 kg and backed by a 3-year warranty, it emerges as a trustworthy companion in fostering the health and well-being of children throughout their crucial formative years and beyond.

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