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Mousetrapper Laptop stand

You might be working with your laptop or tablet in the wrong position. With Mousetrapper’s laptop stand, you can raise your laptop screen to the correct height, helping to keep your head more upright and your posture straighter, in a more ergonomically correct position. When your head is upright and your eyes are at the right height and comfortable distance from the screen, your work becomes more flexible and enjoyable. The Mousetrapper Laptop/Tablet Stand helps you keep your head in an ergonomic position. When your eyes are at the right height and comfortable distance, your work becomes more flexible and enjoyable. If you still occasionally feel pain in your arms, neck, or shoulders – also check out ergonomic mouse solutions that have helped many avoid unnecessary pain.

Slim design, made of aluminum
Foldable and portable
Adjustable height and width
Tiltable to 6 different viewing angles
Bag material is neoprene
Length 254 mm, width 183/267 mm (min/max), height 10/184 mm (min/max)

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