HE Mouse Break medium right, bluetooth

Prevent RSI (musarm), 5 buttons, ergonomic design, long battery.

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Encourages vertical hand position to prevent RSI

Intentionally lightweight and ergonomic design

Features 5 programmable buttons for customisation

R-Go Tools HE Mouse Break medium right, bluetooth

The Ergonomic R-Go HE Hi Gear Wireless Mouse is meticulously designed to promote a vertical hand position, effectively preventing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) by encouraging movement of the mouse from the forearm to the wrist. This innovative approach eases the strain on the small muscles and tendons in the wrist and hand. The mouse's intentionally lightweight and ergonomic design is crafted to reduce muscle tension during use, ensuring long-term comfort for the user. Through the incorporation of the R-Go Break software, users have the freedom to customise the mouse buttons to their individual preferences, thereby enhancing their overall working experience. In addition, the mouse's plastic parts are manufactured using 100% recycled materials, addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable practises. Specifically designed to accommodate hands with a length between 165–185 mm (measured from the fingertip to the edge of the wrist), this mouse provides a naturally ergonomic shape, effectively preventing strain injuries. The product is equipped with 5 programmable buttons via the Break software, offering users the flexibility to personalise their navigation experience. The mouse's DPI settings range from 500 to 3500, ensuring precise control for various tasks. With Bluetooth connectivity and a 500mAh battery capacity, it provides wireless and long-lasting performance. A mere 2 hours of charging time allows the user to enjoy around 110 hours of usage, powered by a Li-Ion battery. The included 150cm USB-C charging cable with a USB-A adapter offers convenient and flexible charging options. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, the mouse is designed for simple plug & play installation, guaranteeing a hassle-free set-up. Furthermore, the product comes with a reassuring 24-month warranty, providing users with peace of mind. The HE Mouse earned the esteemed title of Benelux Product of the Year in 2013, lauded for its innovative design. Additionally, the Break software received the prestigious Benelux Office Product Award in 2021, further highlighting its industry-leading abilities.

Product specification

Prevent RSI (musarm), 5 buttons, ergonomic design, long battery.

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