Arm support symmetric 57,5 cm, artificial leather

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Mousetrapper Arm support symmetric 57,5 cm, artificial leather

Experience ultimate comfort with the Mousetrapper Arm Support, meticulously designed to relieve strain on the neck, shoulders, back, and forearms during prolonged computer use. This innovative product aims to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other stress-related injuries that may occur from extensive typing. The symmetrical shape of the wrist support facilitates a relaxed posture, allowing effortless usage over extended periods. Its slim profile makes it effortless to work in close proximity to your keyboard while reducing strain on the forearms. Crafted from durable black faux leather, the wrist support ensures easy cleaning and disinfecting, contributing to a hygienic workspace. The package includes two Z-shaped brackets suited for most desk surfaces, providing a secure grip at your workstation. Invest in your well-being with the Mousetrapper Arm Support and enhance your ergonomic workday. Middle section 4 cm.

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