Antimicrobial handle cover (Pack of 10)

Minimise pathogen spread with a safe, hygienic solution.

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Antimicrobial cover for handles

Effective against bacteria and viruses

Utilises HeiQ Viroblock technology

Interstuhl Antimicrobial handle cover (Pack of 10)

Our protective antimicrobial handle cover offers an innovative solution to combat the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. By simply placing this cover on your handles, you can ensure a reduction in the risk of transmission. The advanced HeiQ Viroblock technology integrated into the fabric is engineered to counteract the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses on textile materials. This unique technology, combining titanium dioxide and silver chloride, effectively eliminates pathogens, delivering a safe and hygienic surface. The elastic material is designed to fit on the majority of handles, providing a reliable solution for daily use. Make an investment in our pack of 10 covers to protect yourself and others from harmful pathogens, whilst maintaining a clean and secure environment in your everyday life. Embrace the assurance of wellbeing and safety as you go about your daily activities.

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Minimise pathogen spread with a safe, hygienic solution.

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