ErgoFinland Äänieristesermi lattia harmaa 1200*1800*40mm, Cover 87

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ErgoFinland ErgoFinland Äänieristesermi lattia harmaa 1200*1800*40mm, Cover 87

An effective sound-absorbing floor screen provides a solution for noisy work environments and spaces where the noise level can become disturbingly high. By using screens and partitions, private and tranquil workspaces can be created, such as in open-plan offices and bustling multi-purpose rooms where many people move around. Additionally, they serve excellently as room dividers, enabling, for example, the separation of workstations using the partitions.

The versatile use of screens allows for a flexible adaptation of space according to needs. For example, they can be placed between desks, creating a clear and ergonomic work environment. Furthermore, the screens can be connected together at angles using separately available coupling fittings, enabling efficient utilization of different spaces.

With the help of a separate wheel set, the screens can be easily converted into movable sound-absorbing solutions. Both screens with swivel wheels and fixed floor screens have the same height, allowing for a seamless combination of different models without a visible height difference.

The screens' solid wood frame is filled with sound-absorbing mineral wool and covered with durable 100% polyester fabric that has obtained Öko-Tex certification. This ensures both durability and environmental friendliness while offering a pleasing visual style to the space.

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